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Friday, October 18, 2013

What My 6 week old taught me

At 37 I became a first time mom! A true blessing indeed!
Such tiny beings bring with them such great teachings! Here is some of what my son has taught me so far:
-Learn to listen to your gut and trust your instinct! You are right 99.9% of the time!
-Patience is without a doubt a major necessity! Learn to practice it!
-Love heals, nurtures and is undoubtably felt without saying one word.
-Life is truly a gift and a miracle! We must remember to give thanks for it!
-Count your blessings everyday!
Pretty smart for someone only a few weeks old;)!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Count Your Blessings Before They Hatch!

Easiest way to get out of a slump is to think about all the wonderful things you have right now in your life you can be grateful for. If you do so, especially if you take the time to write them down, you will find yourself feeling better rather quickly. Not to mention that by doing such a simple activity you open up the door to receiving more good from this ever giving universe.
Why not give thanks for the things that are yet to arrive? Yes! As though you already had them. Have you ever tried? Why not make it part of your thinking for the next month or so and see what unfolds?
Yes! I say count your blessings before they hatch ;) !

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Your Monsters

We humans can easily lose control as easily as we can become control freaks. We have a super tool, the mind. If we could learn to use this tool wisely/properly, we could create wonderful things for ourselves and those around us. Literally create a world we love living in. On the other hand we can also use it to create the scariest, most fearful, panicky life we could ever imagine. The difference lays in the choices we make each and every second of each minute, of each hour, of each day.

Your thoughts, do you filter them and look at where they are coming from and why? You do realize that your thoughts become your reactions and actions which in turn become your reality right?

If we go to the basis of our thinking. If we pay attention there and begin in that space, to transform, adjust and rearrange- we can literally transform our life.

Next time you are complaining about life, take a look inside and revert back to the initial thoughts that started that pattern and switch it!

If our life sucks, then we are doing plenty to help it suck. It is up to us to deal with our monsters.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What sound are you sending out?

If  people could use as much of their time and energy to dream instead of using it to complain, they would have an easier time attracting what they truly want present in their lives.

Oh yes, I know we all love to start stirring the pot about this and that and go on and on about all the things that are 'wrong' with this and that. But doing this attracts more of the exact things we complain about, even though we may feel it's harmless.

What we say, resonates a 'sound' into the universe and that 'sounds' goes out to call upon similar 'sounding' things and those things come rushing into our reality.

What sound are you sending out? 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rock The Boat!

New adventures are always fun! The unknown stirring excitement in the gut, letting the heart beat just a little quicker! For some this can be a scary experience, not everyone enjoys the unknown, the unfamiliar of what's to come.

Some of us prefer to know everything and not have too much change occur. We are very comfortable in our habitual ways of living. Don't come rock the boat too much!

But where is the fun in that? Same familiar routine time and time again? How does that rejuvenate ones mind, body or soul? How does that ignite a fire in your core? It doesn't!  Which means stale, stagnant and boring.

We need change in our lives! It helps our blood to flow better, our minds to open up! It is good for us! Embrace change! And if there is none present in your life, create some! Do something you wouldn't normally do, like take a dance class or learn to speak spanish. Start a journal, take a different route to work, donate something. Whatever! Just please DO rock the boat, at least a little!

Photo by Pedro Terrinha