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Monday, January 19, 2009

When you ask it is always given!

Abundance of love, health, and finances. This is what most humans want. As we all know the law of attraction ALWAYS delivers.  So why is it that most humans find themselves continuously struggling to enjoy these beautiful things? It is ALWAYS RESISTANCE that will keep what you desire unattainable! The more difficult you believe these goals are to reach, the more difficult THEY WILL BE! Do you believe they are meant "for those people, not me." This ISN'T true! You too can have all you've ever desired! You must FIRST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Remember that what you believe comes true for you!!!
The world continues to try and control our thinking therefore most believe ONLY what the world tells them. Well what about the world YOU want?! What about the things YOU desire? Why can't they be true for you? 
Change what you think about. Create a world you LOVE to live in, where ALL IS POSSIBLE. Stop following the crowd and choose what it is YOU want! It isn't as difficult as it seems! 

As we slowly let go of things like guilt and fear. As we rid ourselves of the old and we make room for the new, our world begins to change! The universe CAN deliver all you've ever desired but you must quiet your mind and listen so that you may be guided in the right direction! 
Do not be afraid! It is important that you TRUST in yourself and this beautiful universe! When you believe in something, it becomes true for you right?! And the same if you do not believe in something, it will NOT be true for you. See how simple that is!

Begin your days with trust, faith, and compassion! I want you to be happy and prosperous! Now the question is, do you want the same for yourself?

Limitations are merely opportunities to grow, I use them as stepping stones to success!
Life supplies all my needs in great abundance. I trust life!
I live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe, and I am grateful!
I move from poverty thinking, into prosperity thinking, and my finances reflect this change!
I am successful at everything I do!
(these little sayings are from LOUISE L. HAY a beautiful angel we have living on this planet!)

Luv and Light ALWAYS!