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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sharing Happiness

Funny story: I saw a friend I hadn't seen in quite some time. She knew me when I was very unbalanced, confused, and suffered from what I later understood was anxiety. She looked good and I was happy to see that she was doing well. We chit-chatted catching up about what was going on in our lives.
For those of you who don't know me I am a very energetic person and morning is really my time of day- where I am fully energized.Those of you who meditate understand that even a 2minute meditation is like sleeping 8 full hours. So you can imagine how energized I was running into this woman in the early a.m after having taken some time to meditate. In my very excited high energy expression I went on about life and all the beautiful things that are going on- the new and exciting things that are unfolding...she listened and then out of the blue, slightly tilts her head, comes in a little closer and in a very calm voice asks me, "are you okay?"
"what?!" is what went through my mind.
I replied, "well of course! Weren't you listening? I feel happy and life is really great!"
She looks at me like I had just taken some sort of a happy pill and asks me,"are you sure?" It is then that I realised; had I walked up to her and complained about life, huff and puffed about how things are so stressful these days she would not have thought there was anything wrong! 
This is a perfect example of someone having forgotten what it means to be happy! 
It is unfortunate that some believe the life they live hasn't anything to do with what they contribute to it. They choose to be victims of life. I was one so I know. 

Send love to those you encounter that seem to have lost that excitement toward life. I send this woman lots of love and healing in hopes that she may feel the happiness I feel. I us all to feel happiness, joy, prosperity, peace and remember that life is to be celebrated!