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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Give Thanks

We all have teachers in our lives. Some we are aware of, some we are not- some clearly come into our lives as teachers, and some in the quietest, tiniest forms only to be discovered later.  I have one teacher in particular that I am fortunate to see on a regular basis. I am honored to know this man and to be in his presence is a true honor! He has taught me most everything I know! He has guided me and TRANSFORMED me. He did this with simple words, and unconditional love and understanding! It was a soft and gentle process; so gentle in fact that the next thing I knew I was looking into the eyes of someone I always was! I was back to my true self! No more insecurities, no more uncertainty! These were re-placed with unconditional love, patience, prosperity, life! I was reminded that I am ALIVE! I was reminded of how AMAZING I am just as I am! I was reminded that I AM much bigger than any petty problem! With his teachings I knew I could be, do, or have everything, and anything I want...I just had to ask and ALLOW it to come to me!
Why am I telling you about this wonderful man? Well ,I am passing on his teachings to you. It is thanks to him that I can allow these daily messages to flow through! This blog is possible because of him! We both have the same mission-to help heal the planet:) Slowly is the way to do thought at the time! That's how he taught your thoughts, then replace the negative thoughts with thoughts that love and support you! Start there! Really CHANGE your thoughts. It may seem repetitive but it is VITAL if you want to transform! Self love begins with how you treat yourself. As you become self-aware then we can move on to the next step, and the next, and the next and so on. This is a beautiful journey, and to see all the magic that happens on a daily basis is such a beautiful thing! 

Today I give thanks for all that I am blessed with!
I thank all of my teachers, guides, angels, and masters!
I am honored to be part of your lives!
I am grateful to be right here, right now, living life!!!

I love you and wish you a day of success in all its forms!!!
:)Luv and Light Always!xoxoxox