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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Move Forward With LOVE!

Life moves quickly at times and we sometimes find it difficult to be IN THE MOMENT. Our emotions "get the better of us", there are those moments you'd like to erase, take back, undo. Moments you wish  had never happened. We must remember that there is ALWAYS a reason!
When I find myself cringing at the thought of  something I did, or said. I remind myself that there is a purpose for it. We mustn't get stuck on petty things! Do not waste your energy! Learn the lesson and move on. Life is too short to spend worrying about what is already in the past! Make this moment count, and the next, and the next! Keep moving forward with love and know that what you focus on becomes true; so don't dwell! 
Today is a new day and I live it in peace, harmony and balance. I pay attention to my thoughts and make sure they are peaceful, loving thoughts. I let go of fear and limitations. I send love to everything, and everyone. I know that I create my reality and what I believe comes true for me.

I lovingly release the past and I am free!
I now CHOOSE to live a peaceful life.
I ask that all effects of my mistakes be undone in all directions of time, and I now release all guilt completely. I love myself from top to bottom!

Luv and light ALWAYS!