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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Message Of Love

What is it that I need? What is it that I can't live without? It is important that we continue to ask ourselves these questions. It helps to remind us what REALLY counts in our lives! It isn't the car,the house, the job title, the amount of money in the bank account. YES it is amazing to HAVE all these beautiful things, and I believe in having beautiful things! But what is it that comes first? Health, happiness, loving friends and family, peaceful relationships! Without these VERY important things, nothing else really matters. 

People need people! It is our relationships that help keep us happy! Most importantly is the relationship with OURSELVES! How we feel about ourselves is reflected in our outer world! It all begins inside of us! We must feel worthy of love, health,and happiness in order to receive these beautiful gifts! There is no condition in love. WE ALL DESERVE LOVE! We are here in human form but inside lives a beautiful soul built from love; therefore we must realise that WE ARE LOVE and WE DESERVE LOVE in ALL its' forms! 

What can we do or say that can create wonderful situations for ourselves? Sometimes we must let go of old, stubborn beliefs. Sometimes it's letting go of "being right", sometimes its not worrying of what others think of us! Sometimes it's just believing in ourselves! What ever it is, we can change our thinking to help bring wonderful things in our lives! Remember it begins with a thought! We are very powerful, and we must remember this! No matter what the situation, we can make it work FOR us!  

We are given the gift of life, and every second counts! What we do with our time is VERY important! There is no blame! We are perfect AS WE ARE! Yes there is always room for learning and growing; but let us LOVE ourselves unconditionally regardless of where we are right now! Do not wait to make that sale, to own that house, to meet that person, to lose that weight....I LOVE MYSELF AS I AM, WHERE I AM!

Be peaceful today. Feel the immense love that surrounds you! You are a beautiful person NO MATTER WHAT! Believe in yourself! 
I believe in you:)

I love and approve of myself!
I see myself and others through eyes of love!
I ALLOW myself to be HAPPY!
I know I am loved, protected, and guided at ALL times!
I allow today to be a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious day!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!