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Monday, January 5, 2009

See The Beauty Of Others

To see beauty in all people isn't always easy. We have lots of judgements and opinions about others. Trash magazines are a pretty good example: who got fat, who got skinny, who's dating who, who was caught with their pants down?! Are we really reading this stuff? Are we doing good in our lives by being judgemental and critical? They too have feelings just like you and me! If we are this way with those we don't even know, how are we behaving towards those we do know and share our lives with?!
If we could let go of taking part in this and focus on seeing beauty in everyone, don't you think the world we surround ourselves with would change for the better?
Have we ever really tried? No matter how different we may seem, deep down we are all the same! The next time you find yourself with "a not so pleasant person", or wanting to quickly judge or criticize why not try and understand where they are coming from. Perhaps they had a sad experience, maybe they're angry, maybe they are just too stressed to notice how negative their thinking is. Imagine what a smile or a unexpected response can do for them. Seeing the beauty in others helps remind them of their own beauty!

By changing the way we view our lives and those in it, we can transform in ways that are truly BEAUTIFUL! Yes this isn't always easy, however with a little effort each day (just like training, eating right, being positive, growing a plant) you can begin to help heal, transform not only your life but the lives of those around you!

Be peaceful and happy today and remember; SMILE , there is always an angel watching!

Luv and Light,

Today I choose to see the true beauty of ALL that surrounds me!