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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So in this life as we know it; we continue to be distracted and sometimes miss out; 
Sitcoms keep us busily entertained,  news networks keep us fearful and stressed.
Commercials constantly REMIND us that we are not good enough, and that we always NEED more. 
Game shows help govn't and the news control how we view money. 
All too far fetched? Well give it a thought.....

What if,  instead, we were continuously reminded of how AMAZING we are? What if the news reported the beautiful, funny things? I strongly believe THAT would change our world!
Surround yourself with beauty.What you see around you is what you will become part of. 

What can you do to help your life become peaceful?
Ever try NOT watching the news? It's about 8 years for me...I still know what I NEED to know and I don't have unwanted images left running around in my subconscious.  
Instead send LOVE and beauty toward ALL countries, people, and things.  If we could ALL send our love, we could begin to shift the consciousness of the planet!
Start with the little things; example: someone you love is leaving on a trip and the weather happens to be messy. DO NOT be worried for them. Rather see them enjoying their trip, knowing that they are always protected and safe. Send them love and trust. It WILL effect their experience. You can contribute to others happiness :) 

BE JOYOUS and send love to your planet...we can all use a little:)
Luv and Light!