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These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Take a moment and go within

When we feel tired, unbalanced, and unenergized take a moment with yourself. You do not have to spend hours, sometimes a few minutes will do the trick! Sit quietly and breath! Let yourself relax and just feel the love that lives inside of you! If you get thoughts that are stressful, or thoughts of "things you need do" do not fight them away. Instead just lovingly say,"thank you for advising me, I know that it will be taken care of easily and effortlessly." And continue to focus on your breathing. Let the love of this beautiful universe blanket you, it is there that you can spread love around yourself and all those who are important to you. See love circulating in all the places you need to be at today, around the people who challenge you, or those you know need some help or guidance. Feelings of worry or stress can add up so it is important that we take care of these emotions. Quietly going within is extremely energizing and can help create all that we want without struggle. As humans we believe "we must do it ourselves" but the simplest way is to go within and ask, visualise it, and then release it knowing that it has already been delivered. It is our trust and belief that will accelerate the results. Remember we are never alone. We do not have to feel that everything needs our physical, mental struggle. When we can understand that this is a universe that works on energy and law of attraction, things become simple. How wonderful is it to know that we do not have to struggle! When you realise that everything is a choice, life becomes simple.
Listen to your words, to your thinking, how others speak. Become aware of what's negative, what you take in and how it effects you. Know that the thoughts you think, and the words you speak are constantly creating your future. What is it that you want to be true for you. Make your thoughts support what it is you desire. Know that you are worthy of these gifts! Make sure to give thanks for all that you have, and each and every time a desire is fulfilled!

I love life!
I now allow myself to be happy!
I attract wonderful, harmonious relationships!
I create peace in my mind, and in my body!
I am wonderful!
I am peaceful!
I am beautiful exactly as I am!