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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am grateful!

We all want that person who can comfort us, and make us feel safe. That person who makes you feel like it's all going to be alright. The one you can call up or run home to and they calm you down and reassure you. I'm here to tell you: you are that person!

Like most of the time as children, we feel safe because our parents are there. They will take care of things.  So we remain happy and care-free knowing that there isn't anything to worry about, and so we spend our time ENJOYING instead of worrying!  Well that is how we could be living our lives.  As we get older and we believe it is up to US to "figure it all out", it becomes easier to suffer from stress or anxiety. However, we know this universe works in beautiful ways and all we have to do is BELIEVE!  I know this can be challenging; after all,  the world that we are raised in makes it clear that we must figure out all the details on our own. 
Now imagine your teachers, parents, and relatives and friends would have told you to ask for what it is you want, or which direction to take in life, or whatever it is you need to know and it would come easily and effortlessly. How different would your thinking be? 
This is why I am here, typing these words. It is to help you realize that you are not your mother's thinking, nor your father's thinking. Or anyone else for that matter. Your peers did the best they could with the knowledge they had. It is up to you to know that you have CHOICES! You can believe in yourself and make things true for you! 
Listen to your thoughts are they your mother or father's fears and limitations? Are you passing on the torch of worry? Do you wish to live your life differently from them?
My dad told me a story of his grandfather, how his days were very simple, and yet having suffered from war, was able to enjoy and appreciate his simple life. I believe its because he tasted pain, saw suffering, and so was reminded of how fortunate he was to have peace in his life! You do not have to go through the same pains to understand. You have freedom of choice! 
So think about what your worries are. Think about them and remind yourself how,  just with a thought, you can begin to turn those worries around! Our lives aren't simple like my great grandfather, we have so much technology and so much "more" of everything; and most of us are stressed, anxious, and angry. Funny how it works, it's like children when you give them too many gifts; they stop appreciating.
Do you give thanks for all you are blessed with? Do you take the time to say thank you to the universe for your eye site? What about the fact that you can hear, or walk? Or are you busy complaining that your thighs are too big? Are you too busy thinking about your next move at work to remember to give thanks? Are you looking at the lack of things in your life, or are you grateful for all you DO have? See,  this is what I mean when I say watch your thoughts! 
Remember what it is you DO have. Give thanks! Live in gratitude as apposed to "lack of" and KNOW that all you need to know, the direction you must take, and everything else is revealed to you each and every time! You must keep your self AWARE, and the answers will come.

I have all that I need.
I am well taken care of.
The universe loves and supports me!
I am one with the power that created me!
luv and light ALWAYS!!!