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Friday, January 23, 2009

You are more

There is no need to worry. No need to force things to happen. Everything has its perfect time. We must be clear on what it is we want and then let it flow. As humans we feel we must make sure "it gets done" but if we can only learn to let go- we could allow it to unfold. With us interfering we create resistance and chaos. Trust in yourself  and know that all we ask for is always given. Our thought pattern is what will help attract it into our reality. So watch your thoughts. Pay attention to how they match up to what it is you are asking for. If you ask for something and have many good feeling thoughts about it, it will come into your life a lot quicker. Remember you are a soul in a human form- this means you are much more than what it is you see! You have an emotional guidance system that will always tell you what feels good or not so good so learn to listen to yourself.
Create a vision board, day dream about what it is you desire, know that you deserve to achieve your true desires! It can be difficult to not stress toward our goals, however we can change how we look at things and know that there really is no need for worry, blame, or stress. Be easy on yourselves and trust this beautiful, unlimited universe to deliver all you desire. It can begin right now!

Everything I touch is a success!
I now establish a new awareness of success. I know I can be as successful as I make up my mind to be. I move into the winning circle. Golden opportunities are everywhere for me. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me!