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These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, January 26, 2009

You Can

When you wake up in the morning- get excited! You are alive and you have a fresh new day! Yesterday is over and done with. Think happy thoughts, think about things that make you feel good. Support yourself with your thinking.

How can you feel better about yourself? What are the thoughts you keep that do not support you? 
Do you want to get in better physical or mental state? Perhaps you want to return that phone call or send out that email? What ever it is that you want to do, write it down and make a list. We feel so much better when we write down what is pending in our minds.

This morning I got up early to head for the gym. With it being cold and still dark out, all I wanted to do was get right back in my warm bed! As I found myself with this thought, I immediately pivoted my thoughts and thought about how great I would feel afterward. I thought of how energized I would be the rest of the day! How my jeans will fit better! I reminded myself that spring isn't too far away, and I will feel so good being in great shape! It isn't always easy, but when we are willing to do what is challenging we feel better about ourselves. Lovingly push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Be willing to do the things you have pushed aside for another day. You know you'll feel better once you get them done. You must be your own motivator. 

Remember that you are wonderful and today can be as amazing as you allow it to be! It's your day! Go for it, push yourself, you know you can do it! I believe in you!

I know I can do anything I set my mind to!
Today is a new day with new experiences!
I now allow only good into my life!
I love and approve of myself!