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Monday, February 16, 2009

BE Gentle With Yourself!

Always go with love! Love has the power to heal EVERYTHING! Just like a stray animal that has been left unloved, we can pick ourselves up and feed ourselves love and in little time we will be back on our feet feeling WONDERFUL! That is the power of love, and we can choose to use it at any time!
Go within and embrace that beautiful person that you are! Transformations begin slowly and so be gentle with yourself, be kind and loving with yourself. You are on a path of constant growth. Each transformation begins ONE thought at a time. Do not rush. You have an eternity. Life is about today, tomorrow, and so take it one second at a time. This journey is a beautiful one! Live each moment as a precious moment! It is in our choosing of how we look at things that can transform our lives! Put love into your vision, so that you may see the glory that lives in your everyday lives!
Pay attention to what surrounds you. Take the time to see the beauty that lives all around you. When you can put yourself in a state of appreciation, magical things happen. You can begin to see the little reminders that we are NEVER alone and that we are unconditionally loved and well taken care of! Choose not to be wrapped up in the chaos, but rather the beauty! When you can make this conscious effort, you will exude love, therefore attracting love into your experience!

Your life is NOW. You have complete freedom to CHOOSE how you want to live. Make decisions and choices that serve you best! Do not waste your time worrying of 'what others might think' for this will only make you miss out! Put your energy in you! This will enable you to be a shining light for others to be inspired by:)

Today is a NEW day! Another beautiful day we get to experience! What is it you would like to experience today? What conscious effort will you make today? What can you give thanks for? Go forward WITH LOVE and feel the beauty that surrounds you!

I love and approve of myself.
I see myself and all things and people around me through eyes of love.
I put myself in the WINNING circle, golden opportunities are everywhere!
I am grateful for this life!
I am happy to be alive!
I now choose to live my life with love in my heart!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!