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Friday, February 6, 2009

Forgiveness Is A VERY Powerful Tool!!!

When we are victims of life, we find ourselves hanging on to our anger, pain, and sorrows. We comfort ourselves with tears and self-pity. I remember my life as a victim, I would frequently spend my nights curled up in a ball and feel so sorry for myself. After all, I had a 'right to be' I was a victim of something so painful! The day came that I realized how MANY years I spent thinking of the same scenario over and over again and that I couldn't move forward unless I forgave the person that hurt me. To my surprise I understood there was a comfort in my pain. I was so used to carrying these hurts, it was part of who I was! "How could I let this go? I need this, it's my crutch, what will I do with out it?" But when I thought of the number of years I had spent wasting my energy on the same thing, I made a decision; I chose not to be a victim anymore! I decided I was going to finally FORGIVE and set my 'offender' free.  After all, my unwillingness to forgive wasn't hurting anyone but myself! I was making myself sick by holding on to my pain and anger. So I chose NOT to be a victim of life but rather take the experience, accept it as merely JUST an experience to give me the knowledge I need to help others. Maybe it was to open my eyes a little more, maybe I will need it in the future. Or maybe, just maybe, it was to teach me about forgiveness.
When we hold these negative, painful thoughts inside of ourselves, we exude that same energy, therefore attracting more negative people and experiences. Wouldn't you prefer to attract beautiful people and experiences? Don't you want to finally stop re-playing the same scene over and over in your head? Don't you think it's time you start enjoying your life? You can begin in this very moment. It's a choice you make! I am so glad I chose to forgive and move beyond my past limitations! I have been able to improve my life 200% and I am SO HAPPY!!! Setting myself free has brought me SO MANY WONDERFUL people and experiences and now I live PEACEFULLY in my heart and mind!!! I would never go back, actually I couldn't because it's not who I am any more and that FEELS AMAZING!!!

What is it that you are still hanging on to? Who is it that you need to forgive? Yourself perhaps? Set yourself free and give your energy to what serves you! Only when you let go of old past hurts and forgive can you allow the new that awaits you into your life! You are never alone, you can ask for courage and strength, and you will lovingly be able to heal yourself:)

I lovingly release the past and move forward with love in my heart and mind!
Only good awaits me!
My life is a joy to live!

I love you and hope you can find the courage to set yourself free! If I can do it so can you:)
Luv and light always!