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Friday, February 20, 2009


Are you happy right now, in your life? What do you believe will bring you more happiness? Is it peaceful relationships? A new job? Money? A new car? A fit body? A romantic relationship? What are the things that would make you 'happier'?
Get clear on what you ARE NOT happy about so that you may clearly see what WILL make you happy. This universe gives us plenty of contrasts in our daily life. It is easier by seeing and experiencing what it is you DO NOT want, to clearly understand what it is YOU DO WANT! Knowing this, look at 'contrasts' as clear examples of what you do or do not want! Then make a list. A detailed list. So if I want beautiful relationships I would write, 'I now attract beautiful relationships.' Then write WHY you want this. ' I now attract beautiful relationships so that my days will be peaceful and filled with joy.' Okay, so now focus on that for 1 second. Feel what it would be like to have beautiful relationships. Feel that joy rise up inside you. Now move on to the next thing you desire, and do the same....and so on to the next...and so on. Set this list where you can see it. When we deliberately CHOOSE in detail to help create our experiences, we do exactly that: WE HELP CREATE THEM!
The universe NEEDS to know what you want in order to deliver it! You ALWAYS have the freedom to CHOOSE. The same goes for NOT deliberately creating. You can choose to believe that you DO NOT play a part in creating your reality, and just let things come as you vibrate them to be. But REMEMBER what you are vibrating is what you will RECEIVE! Therefore you can not RECEIVE peacefulness and happiness if you vibrate with fear or stress. Everything begins with YOU! You are not 'just a little speck ' on this planet! EVERYTHING YOU THINK AND DO EFFECTS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. YOU SEND OUT A VIBRATION AND THAT VIBRATION ATTRACTS MORE OF WHAT IT IS YOU ARE VIBRATING!
This is a great example of what the daily news, so many of you watch, creates. You are reminded of all THE BAD stuff that goes on in the ENTIRE WORLD. You are given visuals with major NEGATIVE words and phrases. This -whether you are conscious of it or not-AUTOMATICALLY gets registered in your subconscious, and begins to create MAJOR emotions such as fear, stress, and helplessness. So then -with or without awareness- you go about your day vibrating these same emotions and attracting MORE OF IT! 
See what I am trying to say; WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT COMES TRUE FOR YOU!!!
It is my purpose to REMIND you of what you are REALLY made of and HOW you can create more beauty in your life. Beauty, peace, love, and prosperity is YOUR BIRTH RIGHT, and those who NEED to control you will take that belief away, one step at a time. One news cast at a time! So BECOME CONSCIOUS of your world and how it works. KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and what you are TRULY made of and WAKE UP! The time has come for change and it is important that you understand how much this world needs you. We can help shift the consciousness of the planet ONE THOUGHT AT THE TIME!!!

Luv and Light ALWAYS!!!