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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Journey Of Self-Discovery

It wasn't my greatest desire to go within and learn about myself. Actually it seemed very scary at the time it was brought to my attention. I had stuffed so many thoughts and emotions inside me throughout the years- I thought I could just leave them there- ignore them as much as I could, and think about them when they would come up from time to time. Every now and again an emotional eruption would occur- and I would explode into a great mess. These eruptions would occur when I would feel hurt in some way- the lioness would come roaring out to defend and protect! I hated feeling like a 4 year old- completely controlled by my emotions. Eventually I decided I needed to change. But how would do I do this? Where would I begin? For me it began with books, affirmations and regular visits to my teacher and guide who helped me to use more of my right brain(creative/playful) than my left(logical). I watched all my thoughts. I made sure to flip all the negative ones around - believe me there were plenty. I began to actually listen to myself and to others and started to pick up on the positive, the negative, what was good for me and what wasn't. What thoughts I would keep and which ones I would filter out. By doing this I slowed down my thinking making it easier to understand what was happening in my mind- allowing me more control over what I was helping to create in my reality. What first started off as a scary experience became an exciting one! I started to enjoy this new me that was beginning to unfold. I was making proper adjustments and working on forgiving myself and others liberating myself allowing myself to truly love myself. With all this self work I began to attract great experiences and great people. I started to feel happy and excited about life in a more solid/permanent kind of way.
The most astounding thing to see unfold when one begins their self transformation is to see the same life- the same world you wake up in everyday begin to transform itself! The very same world! Imagine that!

Luv and Light,

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