For those with flexible minds!

These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love is what you're made of!

 A little devotion and we can learn anything! We never stop learning and growing! If you believe at a certain age you know everything you need to know and there isn't anything else to learn you can miss great opportunities! Open your hearts and your minds! Sometimes things don't make sense to us right away but a few months later, we understand it and can apply in our own lives:) 
Apply positive affirmations in your daily lives and watch how things will transform! When we are good to ourselves, everyone around us benefits! When your thoughts are kind and loving, your world becomes that way! Love others and allow them experience what is meaningful to them. We all have a different story. We all grow at our own pace. When we lovingly allow others to have their own experiences, we let go of judgement and criticism therefore contributing to a more peaceful planet! 
Focus on your growth! Encourage yourself, support yourself! You are immensely guided and loved so there is no need to worry. All you have to do is ask. When we ask it is ALWAYS given. No one can do this for you. I can write as many words as I want, the rest is up to you. It must come from you:) We can all help and encourage one another, but we can never force anyone or anything.  You have complete freedom in your life and only YOU can make the proper changes, and remember you are never alone:)
Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. Encourage yourself. Believe in you! When we do these beautiful things for ourselves we begin to live in harmony with life. Everything is created with love, YOU ARE LOVE! 

I love and approve of myself.
I now choose to see the beauty in my world.
I know I am loved and well taken care of.
I now choose to live in peace and harmony!

Have a beautiful, powerful day filled with love:)