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Friday, February 13, 2009

Live your life with love NOT in fear!

FEAR. What a powerful tool! Most people do not realise, but fear has been used for centuries by some of the most powerful people! Fear is the perfect way to tame, and control people. Once you get someone in a state of fear, they become your clay to mold! Do you realise this? The next time you flip on the news- PAY ATTENTION- I promise if you open your eyes you will be able to see 3 things: fear, fear, and fear. AHHHH the sweet smell of manipulation! How easy it is to run a world when you've got everyone listening, and following, and being a product of  your reality!
WAKE UP PEOPLE! What you think about becomes TRUE! It becomes your reality! There are strong forces that help run this planet, but there are STRONGER forces that live INSIDE of you that can ALSO help run this planet:) When you awaken, and begin to see things AS THEY REALLY ARE, your world WILL change! Spread LOVE, PROSPERITY, HARMONY, and KINDNESS...all the things you DO NOT see on the NEWS THAT IS SO IMPORTANT for us to watch! It is SO important that they make sure it runs at 6pm...when most families are having dinner. What a nice way to finish off the day, and begin your evening with your loved ones!!!-yes, you sense sarcasm- However if you work late, just to make sure you didn't miss out- you can watch it again at 11! 
For all those who fall asleep on the couch to the news; how do you think that effects your sub-conscious mind that is like a sponge and absorbs rapidly as you sleep? Will you wake up in a state of joy for the next day? You can forget about it! Not going to happen. Instead FEAR is what your sub-conscious has, so FEAR is what EVERYTHING you think, feel, and do will stem from! PAY ATTENTION to this message! REALLY, pay attention!
You can choose to change simple things in your life! You can begin at any moment to attract JOY! To live in JOY!  The old saying misery loves company- well what about Joy? JOY LOVES COMPANY! Why isn't that a common phrase?
I can not speak for any of you but as for me; I refuse to be a product of what 'others' want me to be! I like my 'pink, bubbly, peaceful, joyous world'! My world stems from JOY and I am HAPPY here!
What is your choice? Where do you want to live? And HOW do you want to live? Life is HERE and RIGHT NOW!!!

I choose to live in Joy!
I love myself unconditionally, therefore I spend my time doing things I LOVE!!!
I am a peaceful, happy person!
I know life gives to me ALL that I need lovingly and UNCONDITIONALLY!!!!
Love and Light ALWAYS!!!