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These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Self-criticism will hold you back from more than you know.
Let go of past experiences that still have a hold on you.
Release and forgive the past. It is the past. That means there is no point going back to it, it is OVER and done with.
This is a new day! A new path presents itself each and every time!
Take this life and how you see it, and observe.
Pay attention to what you can change(always in your thinking first) to get to where you truly want to go! Do NOT WAIT for tomorrow. The time is NOW! RIGHT NOW!
You have so much love inside of you! This love guides you and protects you AT ALL TIMES!!! It is with this inner strength that you will be able to overcome ALL obstacles, and achieve ALL you've ever DREAMED OF!!!

This IS how it works!

Look at your life. Is it how you want it to be? Do you feel absolutely amazing all of the time?
Is this 'impossible' in your world?
Does life always have to be about suffering and struggling? Or do you believe you deserve only good in your life? Are you stuck in the 'same old' day in, and day out?
Are you excited?
Do you have massive amounts of beautiful energy that makes you want to smile and laugh and dance? Pay Attention!!!!
This is your chance to change. One tiny step at a time! Go ahead, try it! CHANGE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!

Luv and light always!