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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are You Finally Ready?

No matter where you are in your life right now, you can begin in this very moment, to allow the flow of lavish riches to come to you:) 
Actually, whether you know it or not, you already have all that you desire!
You must let go of resistance and just ALLOW it to come in. 
Self acceptance and self worth are the keys!  It is in your heart that these keys are found! Unconditional love for yourself will jump-start the process. We are all beautiful beings of light! We all come from the same source.  Those who have an 'easier' time with things, and already have all they desire, have them because they do not hold fear in their hearts! We all knew this as little children, but as we grow older we conform to the 'so called realities' of life. Today you have the ability to make your own choices, therefore you no longer 'need' to listen to others but rather what resonates true in your heart!  Do not be afraid to move further 'up the latter', know that you are deserving of it!
We all have goals, dreams, and desires. We must KNOW that they are very much available to us and this is why I am writing you this message. It is a REMINDER; because deep down, you already know this! 
Know that your dreams are very REAL! They can become true for you! Use burning desire, joy, happiness, peace, and love when you think about your dreams and goals! These emotions are 'the engines' that ignite and create all things! All the things, people, and experiences you need to follow your true path of life will be revealed to you. Some in ways that you understand, and some in ways you do not. This universe is powerful and can deliver all we need! I know I am guided and protected at all times and I know that all I need to know is revealed to me at the right time. With this I no longer worry or stress because all is ALWAYS taken care of in its own way! This leaves me more time and space to enjoy my life because I'm no longer fussing over the details. I write to you now, and the words flow easily and effortlessly because I ALLOW it to be so. I have had a past of stress, dramas, anxieties, and continuous failure, however I now CHOOSE a calm, beautiful life. One that is continuously supported, guided, and filled with love. You too can make this choice. I can tell you one thing: I could never go back to that life of stress. I am a different person from then. I am a beautiful soul that goes within and is fulfilled completely. I am truly happy living without worry! The GREATEST gift you can give yourself is LOVE! Be love! Think love! Feel love! After all Love IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER!!!