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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Open Your Eyes!!!

There are ALWAYS two sides to every story. We are  individuals and so we interpret things in different ways. You must remember this before setting judgment! It is important to remain loving and KIND with each and every person on this planet. This life is filled with things we must learn, and it is a on going process, it never really ends. You can choose to keep learning but keep growing at the same time. Keep your heart open because a lot of the time the universe delivers what it is you want, but your judgment can keep you from seeing the opportunities and keeps you stuck in your old ways. Be loving, kind, honest, and always do your best. We are all here to help one another grow and when we get caught up in the 'dramas' we miss out on much more than we know! 
I do keep myself open, and try to do my VERY BEST at being a person I can admire:) Love is always the answer. You can choose in this moment, to let go of the past, that means yesterday, the day before, the year before and yes the second that has just passed. 
I hope you find joy in your every step in life:) I hope you fill your heart with unconditional love and understanding. So that you may see things not only as they appear to you, but as they are for others.
I love you and wish you a day of true happiness!
:)luv and light eternally!