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Sunday, November 20, 2011

If You Want Change: Change You!

We can re-teach ourselves anything. At anytime we can move away from our old ways and create new beliefs, thoughts and deal with life looking from a new perspective. Too many of us choose to remain victim to our own fears and limitations. I am no different from you. I too have made mistakes and have passed through tough experiences. They may not be the same as yours but believe me whatever you have felt or are feeling someone somewhere has felt or is feeling those same emotions. We have all been on the emotional roller coaster of life. It is how we choose to deal with these emotions and experiences that makes all the difference. Where do you feel trapped? What aspect or experience in your life is bringing you down? More importantly- what are you going to do about it? Are you busy blaming other people and pointing the finger everywhere else and avoiding the option to work on yourself? Rather than trying to change the person(s) or situation(s) why not change your perspective? What are there things you have been avoiding to deal with and choosing to put on the back burner? If we continue to avoid our inner and outer issues and continue to use our old habits, our old way of thinking and our old patterns to deal with life we can not get new results. If we want change we have to change something. Same patterns-same results. New patterns- new results. Pretty simple n'est-ce pas? You can start making changes right now! The universe gives us endless opportunity to start over. It's your life, your choice.

Luv and Light,
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