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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Sun ALWAYS Shines!

Remember that you come from light and love. Your pure essence IS made up of these beautiful things! We can get 'caught up' in the dramas and stresses of life but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you remember where you come from and what you are made of!  Do not pay attention to the toxins, instead know that they are there as a contrast. It is easier to know what it is that you want and what to ask for, when you see what it is you DON'T want. The universe ALWAYS delivers something for a reason. Instead of getting 'caught up' in the chaos, take a step back and see it as a CLEAR message to you. 
You CAN create the life that you want. You CAN attract the experiences, the people, and the things that you want. Lovingly be conscious and AWARE so that you may assist in the universe to deliver 'your gifts' more rapidly:) There is nothing that you can not be, do, or have! This is a very important statement. I want you to REALLY believe this, because despite what it is you were taught to believe, this IS how it REALLY is. 
Become clear on what it is that you want. Without limitations, what is it that you desire? Now allow yourself to feel deserving of this gifts, get excited about them! Imagine them being true for you. Feel as you would feel as if these gifts were already in your life. Just like you did when you were a child where anything was possible! When you create that emotion, the happiness and joy you feel when you think of 'your gifts' will hurry the process of you receiving them! It is resistance that keeps things 'out of reach'. The more you allow the more you receive. The universe gives us daily gifts, and we must give thanks for these beautiful things so we can let in more gifts! It all begins with your self-worth!

I know I am deserving of all my desires!
I am worthy of happiness and joy!
I am a beautiful person inside and out!
Today I will daydream of all the beauty I desire  for I know that the universe is always lovingly ready to deliver ALL THAT  I WANT IN MY LIFE!!!

Go about your day as a fresh new day of joy and harmony! Know that you live in a limitless, beautiful universe and it loves you UNCONDITIONALLY!

Luv and light ALWAYS!!!