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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turn Your Light ON!

There is always hope! When all seems lost, when things seem difficult, stick through it! Remain solid in love and you shall see beauty unveil itself! We truly are never alone, there are an immense amount of angels that continue to surround us, that hold a power so strong it can transform even the "impossible" because nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!!! All is well when you hold love in your heart! When you follow the light and choose to believe there is so much more than what the eyes can see! This IS a powerful, immense, glorious universe and we are chosen to be here! We are given this gift of life and it is up to us to choose to see the beauty and the glory that surrounds us continuously! There is always a shining light to help us, to guide us, to fulfill all we desire! You must turn the light on inside of yourself! You can transform EVERYTHING at a rapid speed when you do so! 
Live your life in joy, and give thanks for all that you have! We are given so many gifts daily, and there are so many more waiting to come our way if we just ALLOW them in! When you believe in yourself, when you treat yourself with love and kindness, your surroundings respond!!! EVERYTHING begins with YOU! In order to change or transform the things that surround you, you must start WITHIN YOURSELF, for everything is a REFLECTION of what is happening inside of you! Your thoughts, beliefs, and truths are revealed to you in your surroundings! Trust in yourself. You know what is best for you! The truth lives inside of you! That immense power and beauty that the universe is made of sits inside of you! When we connect with that inner light it activates and gives us strength and gives us beautiful continuous miracles!
Know that you are never alone, that you are always guided, loved, supported, and protected! There is never anything to worry about when you ALLOW yourself to be filled with the inner light that is connected TO EVERYTHING!!!
I wish for you, the strength to turn your light on so that you may awake in a world that is so beautiful, so immense, and that lovingly supports you! The most beautiful place in the world is right inside of you! Go ahead look within and see TRUTH, for with truth you can move mountains!
I love and approve of myself!
I now let go of past limitations!
I now allow myself to live life to the fullest!
I turn the light on inside myself and let the beauty of the universe reveal itself to me!

Love, Light, and LIFE ALWAYS!!!