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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Are You Vibrating?

We can begin in this moment to pivot our thinking! If our old thinking no longer serves us, if we find our old thoughts keep giving us the same results WE DO NOT WANT, then let us change our thinking! Simple enough? I believe so, however many might find this difficult to do. I am here to tell you: it isn't as difficult as you may think. It isn't about blame, or that you are doing things "wrong". It is merely a different way of looking at things. If the old doesn't work...try something new! What do you have to lose?
Old thinking can sometimes be thoughts and beliefs not of our own, but what we have picked up over the years form our parents, teachers, friends, media, co-workers, and so on. These beliefs and ideas about life may have served you well, and some may be vital to keep, but get rid of the thoughts and ideas that 'keep you stuck', that keep you from growing and being able to attain the things YOU WANT in your life.
I have a friend who's belief system keeps her stressed and overwhelmed. I can tell her to change her thinking, get out of the negative circle of chaos, however it is up to her to do so. No one can do it for her, as much as I love her and want to see her prosper; her old ways keep her where she is and so, as a result she keeps going round and round in her circle of chaos. New experiences and great gifts from the universe will continue to come to her- as it does for all of us-however cooped up in her circle of chaos these gifts will continue to seem stressful and overwhelming.
It may seem difficult to truly understand that you create your reality, and in effect your life until now has had the outcome it has because you made it so. You may say, "well how can you say I created this stress for myself? No one wants a life of stress!" YES! VERY TRUE! So now I will explain to you that this beautiful, immense, ever expanding universe works on VIBRATION.
NOT wrong or right.
NOT pleasant or unpleasant but VIBRATION.
So if you VIBRATE love, joy, and happiness the universe gives you more of this because it is what you are VIBRATING. In turn if you VIBRATE stress and anxiety, the universe delivers more of this. Again, because that is what you are VIBRATING!
The universe gives you what you ask for by what you VIBRATE. So what is it you want? Now begin vibrating on that level.
How do you get there? You WATCH your EVERY thought and make sure it is in alignment with what you desire! That's all there is to it! One might ask, "if it's so simple why doesn't everyone do it".
Because we were taught to believe otherwise. Because we have been "taught" CONTINUOUSLY what we believe to be responsibility and logic. THIS IS VERY LEFT BRAIN ONLY.
You've heard over and over again that we use only a small percentage of our brain right? Well I'm here to remind you of the right side of the brain that we are taught to use less and less of. As the years pass and we conform more and more to the world LOGICALLY, we use more and more of our left brain. In turn we become more logical beings rather than emotional. That isn't necessarily a good thing because logic puts your soul to sleep and keeps the physical very much real and as a result we are a mass of stressed out, fatigued, overwhelmed individuals!!!
With this, I hope you can choose to be courageous and try to have a new out look at life. I can promise you that when you CHOOSE a life of AWARENESS and clarity you WILL see the 'same' world we live in now with NEW eyes, and more beautifully, NEW experiences!!!!
I love this planet and all the people in it and I wish for us all to wake up and continue our journey ENJOYING our every moment!!!
Be kind with yourself, remember LOVE is ALWAYS the answer and heals more than anything else!
Luv and Light Always!