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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What You Give Out Is What You Recieve!

There are times when we feel alone. We must remember that this is only our perception and NOT the truth. The truth IS we are NEVER alone! This is an abundant universe supported by many light forces we can not always 'see' with our eyes. This is where the term 'your third eye' comes in. If we could pry open our third eye we would be able to see the beautiful angelics and light forces that surround everything and everyone! Nothing is unloved, nothing goes unnoticed! 
The universe reaches out to us, it is us that must ALLOW it in. It isn't about begging for what you want. It is acknowledge that you ARE part of EVERYTHING in this universe. We are connected to everything! This is why it is so important that you vibrate with joy, love, and harmony, for this is the only way to let in the things you ask for. This universe works with VIBRATION. So if it is love, joy and harmony that you vibrate, then you ALLOW more of these things to come to you! If you vibrate in fear, stress, and drama then this is what you'll allow into your life. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! 

All is well, and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fear! Remember this, for it is the truth!
If it makes it simpler, think of yourself as a magnet. What you think about, and what you believe sticks to you!

I know I am always well taken care of.
There is never anything to fear.
All is always well.
I am love!
I now GIVE OUT that which I WISH TO RECIEVE!

Luv and Light Always!