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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where is your mind?

Confined in a little box of old thinking and stress? Controlled by what you hear and see from the media? Maybe your neighbours or the guy at work has you convinced of how life is.
This is your life! Why let others control what you think about? It is you and only you that can help create your life- if you give away your power, then you can easily be controlled and manipulated. But if you trust in yourself and that you are part of something much bigger, than you can begin to really live your life. 
Start right now! If you hear things enough times- you will begin to believe them right? So if commercials continue to say, "anti-aging" subconsciously you will believe that aging is bad. If the news tells you that one in 10 people will get cancer, you will go about your days in fear hoping and praying that 1 person isn't you! Please start paying attention to what you are exposed to and what you absorb. Listen to your thoughts, the words that come out of your mouth. Who taught you what you are thinking and saying? Your mother? Your father? The news? The lady at work? Where are your thoughts coming from? Are they happy thoughts? If they are not change them. One thought at a time.

Let's look at people with dis-eases. Are they happy people? What are they thinking and feeling? True no one wants to be sick, but in their everyday lives are they victims of something or someone? Do they feel hopeless and unloved? Do they live in fear? Do they believe they are deserving of love and a happy life? What is their first thought in the morning? Are they excited to be alive? How do they spend their time? Are they laughing and doing things that feel good to them?
Your body always works in harmony with you so if you are not in a 'good feeling' place, if you are choosing to live in fear and stress, how can your body be healthy? Your body will give you small signals, if you don't change what it is your body's trying to tell you, you will get bigger signs. It's like saying 'you are what you eat' -well , you are what you think! 
Would you eat a pack of chips, 4 chocolate bars, 10 hot dogs, 14 hamburgers, and 6 cokes everyday? No? Why not? Oh, because it's not good for you, right! So how can thinking you are not good enough, your not good looking enough, your not smart enough, you will never be okay, you will always have to struggle, life doesn't love or support can these thoughts contribute to a healthy body? 
Life is here to love and support you. Fill your heart with joy for all that you have. Share your joy with others. See the beauty in all that surrounds you-even if you have to look deeper sometimes. Try to carry constant gratitude with you.

I trust the process of life.
I allow only good into my world.
I know I am deserving of all my desires.
I know all my desires and needs are met with ease and delight.
It is okay for me to change.