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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Answers!!!

How many of you watch the sun rise or sunset?
I find this to be a beautiful way to fill my heart with joy and gratitude! This morning it was a huge, fiery ball of orange! What a gorgeous sight to see! Experiencing the sun rise is a peaceful experience, and I find it helps 'reconnect me' in a surreal way! We must take the time to look at the beauty and power of this universe. It helps keep us in perspective of who we really are. It can remind us of the beautiful place that lives inside of us. This place is instantaneously awakened when we see things that are as perfect and gorgeous as the Sun rise! It is in this moment that we can feel re-connected and our love surfaces up and out of us, it is a moving experience:)
We must take the time in this 'busy' life of ours to do things like this. It is more important than anything else because when we sit in silence we are taking time for us and in these moments we can re-charge our batteries. Those few moments will set the pace for the day and when we begin with silence, we begin with peace!
Life is busy and noisy, chaos can be a constant nag, HOWEVER, if we take the time and find the silence, it is in that silence that you find all the answers and the guidance you need or have asked for. See; when we ask, and keep asking because we don't seem to 'know' the answers and we say things like,"I keep asking but I don't get any answers!" I will remind you that we live in a very busy, noisy, world so how are you supposed to HEAR the answers if you're busy watching television, or talking on the phone, or stressing in traffic? Answers DO NOT come in loud boulders, or screaming voices. NO, instead they come quietly, softly, lovingly in your own voice. Guidance is in your gut, as some refer to it, the solar plexus, and it is NEVER wrong! How many times have you felt something and done something that went against that feeling and then found yourself saying something like, "oh I knew it! I felt it! I should have listened to myself!" Your intuition is ALWAYS there, guiding you, helping you, but it is difficult to follow because we are so distracted most of the time! It is for this reason most of us wake up suddenly in the early a.m. How many of you wake up at 3, 4 or 5a.m? You may think it is because you need a drink of water, or that you need to use the toilet. HOWEVER, IT IS NOT THE REASON! You are being woken up by your higher self, your inner guidance. It is waking you up because it is the only real 'quiet time' you give yourself! When else can you hear your inner voice?
So if you are ASKING the answers ALWAYS come but when are you LISTENING?!
Remember the universe is ALWAYS supporting you! The answers to your questions are ALWAYS delivered each and every time...LISTEN!!!

Today I listen to my inner voice, I allow it to guide me, and direct me!

Love and Light ALWAYS!!!