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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Calm Assertive Energy!!!

Ever watch the show The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan? This is a show that plays on the National Geographic channel- a show about dogs-YES! However it is far more than that, this man teaches people about the energy they portray and how important it is that they be "calm and assertive"; he teaches MANY important things about life! Communication is NOT only through our words! Your energy is the first thing that you must focus on. How do you get a calm assertive energy? A peaceful place inside yourself? As humans we tend to think A LOT, and just like animals we can be programmed or conditioned. So I will say as I have said in many of my blogs: WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS! The only thing that will "keep" you from enjoying your life, or receiving all the things you desire is your negative thinking! Believe that you deserve good and good will find you! You are the creator in your life! You help attract ALL situations that unfold! Start to become aware! How do you start your day? What do you think about? What are the words you use? Are they positive and encouraging? Do you help yourself and others realise that there is always a choice? Every single experience and thought can be one that we learn from and grow with, and it can be either positive or negative. Which one are you choosing?
The same energy you 'waste' on worry, stressful, or angry thoughts can be used towards positive, empowering, loving thoughts. Then you begin to create a life that reflects these beliefs and before you know it others are asking you how you do it?

Okay lets take a few simple examples:
You wake up to begin a new day. What are your first thoughts? Now if you know that your thoughts will set the pace for the day what would you change in your thinking? I start my day with thoughts of gratitude and love. So my thoughts are something like, "I am so happy I had such a beautiful, peaceful sleep! I am excited to go about this glorious day! This is a day I have never lived and I anticipate joy, success, laughter, and happiness! I thank you universe for giving me this brand new day!
Should you wake up grouchy or stressed(usually caused by our first thoughts) GENTLY rephrase each thought so that they work FOR you! ALWAYS start with gratitude! Because we have so much to be grateful for this is the easiest way! You have your home, your loved ones, your job, your car, your legs, eyes, ears, hands...the list can really go on forever. When we choose gratitude and stay there for a few moments it shifts our thoughts, emotions, and energy!

Let's say your in traffic: DO NOT FOCUS on the traffic! Shift your thoughts! Go back into a state of gratitude. Give thanks for your car, your ability to drive, the flowers on the side of the road, the sun that is shining, the rain that is cleansing. Then day dream about beautiful places you would like to visit, the massage you got last week, something funny, the vacation house you dream to buy...just like a child would, REALLY get into your state of visualising beautiful things. Basically if you focus on the traffic and feel your self get anxious and worried, the more the traffic will slow you down but when we can focus on other things before you know it you are free-flowing! Try it! If you have resistance, just keep it going! You will find in time this will become automatic and you will be one of the "lucky" ones who "escapes" what stresses most people everyday.
I have re-arranged my life one step at a time. You must be gentle with yourself! Love is always the answer! Love heals all! Anyone can make their life as they wish it to be. It involves choosing loving, powerful thoughts, and not exposing ourselves to toxins!
If people are gossiping, CHOOSE to walk away. The news is on, CHOOSE to change the channel. Someone is rude with you, CHOOSE to respond with "calm assertive energy" and smile-sometimes it takes another humans love and calmness to help another human. I have some encounters with very angry people; I don't know what their story is- maybe their partners left them, maybe they got some bad news, maybe they feel overwhelmed....the point is, we are all here TOGETHER! What another human feels is important because we are ALL connected! So take your beautiful energy and carry it wherever you may go!!!
CHOOSE beautiful loving thoughts for yourself and watch the magic unfold!!!

I wish you the courage to not be like everyone else, rather, LOVE WHO YOU ARE, AS YOU ARE, IN THIS VERY MOMENT! Love yourself and your individuality and know that we are all meant to be different!
Life is here for you and what you give out you get back!!! So ask yourself, "what is it that I want?" DO NOT HANG ON TO THE PAST!!! The past IS the past. So CHOOSE to live in the NOW and start over if you have to. Live in the present!

That is your message for today. I love you and wish you strength and happiness!
Luv and Light and Life ALWAYS!!!!