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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do You Realise How Much You Truly Have?

We are an aspect of our true selves. A soul is huge and powerful and would never be able to come down in full form. So it sends an aspect, a small amount of itself. So when you believe that you are alone, remember that it is not possible. Your soul is very much alive and is continuously connected to you! Your 'higher self" is always putting you back on your right path should you drift, and will always give you the right answers and guide you towards whatever it is you desire. We are always looked out for, and well taken care of. As a soul you can experience anything you want. There is no right or wrong. On a soul level, there is only experience. The question you could ask yourself is, "what is it I want to experience?"
There has been no time like the present, and we must cherish that we have chosen to be here at this time. A time where ANYTHING is available to us. We can be, do, or have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we desire. We need to re-activate ourselves! We need to come alive again! STOP LIVING THE LIES OF THE MEDIA!!! WAKE UP!!! OPEN YOUR EYES FOR THE FIRST TIME AGAIN! BE REBORN TO YOUR TRUTH!!!

I want to share with you; I was in Cosco the other day- a place I have been only a few times before. I personally don't like to shop in these type of stores. I like to take my little re-usable bag and go to my favorite natural food store ( C'est La Vie Naturellement) a gorgeous little shop on Lauier close to Papineau, where shoppers are smiling and calm:)
So anyhow, when I saw all that STUFF packed up to the ceiling, the products, the food, the accessories, anything you could possibly want, and thought, "WOW! Aren't we so fortunate to have all this mass of abundance available to us!" But as you walk down the aisles and you see the look on people's faces you realise that they are stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, nervous and upset! WHY?
Is it the 'spoiled brat syndrome' where we have too much and just want more? Or is it that we forget to appreciate?
WHY in today's day and age where humans have never been more comfortable with mass amounts of commodities and beautiful things that we are unhappy? The answer rings clear in my head! Does it come clearly to you? Do you ask yourself these type of questions? Are you even aware of what's around you? How are people behaving?

What ever happened to giving thanks for all you have? How many people don't have what you have? How many of us have our eye site, legs to take us from place to place? Ears we can hear with easily and effortlessly? Hands that can easily grab things? A mind that can help us think, a heart that beats on its own.....the list is endless! How many times do you give thanks for all these gifts? Do we only realise what it is we have when it is taken away? Why wait for that moment? Why not arise in the morning and be GRATEFUL because you are perfect as you are and that you have all that you truly need! Maybe you're caught up in negative circles of stress and chaos. Maybe you have too much and you don't remember what it is like NOT to have these things? Perhaps you WASTE your precious time on drama and things that DO NOT fulfill you! Maybe you're a victim of your own reality and choose to feel sorry for yourself. Or perhaps you believe that life is meant to be a struggle.
Well now more than ever, the universe is giving us MAJOR signs that we need to dis-attach from old negative hurts and beliefs. Our planet is a reflection of those beliefs and I believe this is why we are now conscious of 'going green' it is a clear message that we must give our planet love and respect. That includes ourselves, and all those around us, including the plants and animals. See, ALL living things need love- WITHOUT it we die! We need love to survive! It is THE MOST IMPORTANT, MOST POWERFUL FORCE that exists! LOVE HEALS, ALWAYS!

Think about this message and what it means to you!

Love and Light and LIFE Always!!!