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Monday, March 23, 2009

Do You Still Dream?

Do you believe it to be challenging to have a beautiful life?

Why do the majority of people choose to live a life of limitation? What happened to dreaming? Dreaming isn't just for children. Yes we get older but that doesn't mean we have to stop dreaming and become another sheep!
Why not have all you desire? Why live where things are unattainable and out of reach? EVERYTHING IS A STATE OF MIND! EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Even things like money and relationships are ENERGY!!! If you have calm, assertive, positive energy you will attract ANYTHING easily and effortlessly!
Stressful, fearful energy creates resistance and doesn't ALLOW thing to flow! So before you blame and point the finger, take a look at yourself and the energy you're exuding! Everything begins WITH US!

Do you feel empowered? Positive? Happy? WHY NOT?!
What is it that you feel is out of your control? What if I remind you that EVERYTHING IS in your control? Do you have doubt? Why?! Where is this SELF doubt coming from? Do those around you remind you of this false statement? Perhaps it comes from the television you watch or the news you listen to or the negative people around you? Where ever or whatever feeds you negative, limited beliefs STOP watching or listening!!!

Open yourself up! Believe in yourself! Love yourself! Create a reality that loves and supports you! Stop believing there are things you can not be, do or have! Dream BIG!!! We all have different dreams and we are all deserving of happiness, so focus on the things you WANT WITHOUT LIMITATIONS and get EXCITED, NOT WORRIED!!! GET EXCITED!!! Know that life is here for you and you are always safe and well taken care of! You WILL ALWAYS BE MORE THAN OKAY!!! So stop worrying and wasting your energy on negative beliefs! Take that same energy and put it towards the things YOU DO WANT!!!

People can spend a life time, or a great number of years wasting their energy on petty things when they can instead be CREATING a glorious, gorgeous life for themselves!!
Do not waste one more second living in a small world filled with worry and unfulfillment! WAKE UP! SHINE! Go about your day with love and gratitude and make this life one that is beautiful, fun and full of abundance!!! Remember you are DESERVING because YOU ARE ALIVE!!!

Here are a few affirmations you can use...say them as many times as possible, the more you say them, the more you will believe them, the more they will come true for you!!!

At this very moment enormous wealth and abundance are available to me and I choose to allow its' flow into my world!
I know I am deserving of love!
I am open and receptive to receiving all good!
I am a beautiful, powerful soul and I now allow my higher self to guide me!
I know I am always safe and protected and all that I need is given to be easily and effortlessly!

How can you help make today AMAZING?! Listen to your thoughts and make them loving, supportive thoughts!!!

Do you believe in yourself? You must! If YOU do not believe in YOU than who will???

Love and Light ALWAYS!!!