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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forgiveness...SO VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Health, happiness, joy, peace, and success are some of things most of us desire. These beautiful gifts are ALWAYS available to us! It is up to us to ALLOW them in.

First step is feeling deserving of these gifts! You must let go of "the bad things you've done" and accept yourself as a wonderful, deserving person. NO HUMAN IS PERFECT! We have ALL done or said things we have regretted as some point in our lives, but what about FORGIVENESS?
FORGIVE yourself and set yourself free! NOT forgiving ourselves keeps us 'stuck in the past', therefore it is impossible to allow in the NEW! Remember this! Make a conscious decision to LOVINGLY forgive yourself and MOVE FORWARD! Why remain stuck in the past?
If we were perfect we would not be on this planet! Perfection is not what we are striving for! A HAPPY LIFE doesn't mean perfect! Instead it is the imperfections that bring us to a better place, makes life interesting, and most of all keeps it fun! Learn to laugh at yourself and your past. We live, we learn, we GROW! How boring would life be if there is nothing more to learn? It is part of who we are, and who we become! I want to keep learning and growing! I want an interesting life! So I say thank you to the person I once was, and to the person I am today, and for the even more beautiful person I will become:) I know the past is over and done with and I move forward towards happiness and I leave the past where it belongs- in the past:)

Health, happiness, joy, peace, and success begins within us! FORGIVENESS is the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step we must take in order to allow beauty into our lives! Are you willing to take that first step? What are you afraid of? Do you believe you are a bad person if you forgive yourself of your past 'wrongs'? Would you prefer to punish yourself for the rest of your life? Would that be you 'paying' for what you did?
PLEASE DON'T!!! You are too beautiful and perfect to keep punishing yourself! And besides the only one to suffer is YOU and those around you! Is that what you want? Wouldn't you rather choose forgiveness and then see your whole world transform INCLUDING those you love! Because when you forgive and move forward you turn everything around, and unknowingly, even those who maybe 'can not' forgive you WILL!!!

Not forgiving another person keeps us stuck.
Not forgiving ourselves keeps us stuck.
Forgiveness of our self or another sets everyone, INCLUDING ourselves, FREE!!!

I lovingly release the past.
I lovingly forgive!
I lovingly forgive!

Love is a powerful tool and choosing to forgive, means loving yourself and those around you!
Love and Light Always!