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Friday, March 20, 2009

How Are You Looking At Life?

Are you focusing on the beauty that surrounds you in so many ways? Or are you looking through eyes of fear? Do you see the world as pain, suffering, and stressful? Do you see arrogance and vanity? Do you realise that you hold the power to see things lovingly?

What is around you? How do you feel inside?

Everything is a CHOICE. Seeing everyone and everything through eyes of love is a choice. A choice YOU make:)

The more you focus on love, the more love YOU will find, and more LOVE will find you! What we choose to focus on becomes our reality! When we focus on joy, prosperity, love and kindness then we get more of it!

Here you are, living on this beautiful planet, experiencing life. Your physical time is limited, so how do you want to live? Do you really want to spend your precious energy focusing on all the things you do NOT want? Do you realise that you can put that SAME energy towards the things you DO want? Life isn't vicious and unfair, it is in your thinking that you create that life. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your life! Stand up tall and proud and choose GREAT things for yourself! If you do not feel deserving, or find endless reasons WHY you can not be, do, or have certain experiences, or things then that is precisely what you will will NOT get what you want! But when you CAN feel deserving of joy, happiness, prosperity and abundance, the this is what you will find!

Life is not meant to be a struggle. Life is WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

I now choose to see the world through loving eyes!
I am so grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me and lives inside of me!
I am a loving person!
I give love, therefore I find love where ever I go!
Life is here for me to ENJOY! I now choose thoughts that support me!
I now allow my inner guidance to help me attract all the things I desire:)

Remember today IS A NEW DAY, one you have never lived before! It is a new beginning...make choices that help you FEEL GOOD!!!

Love and light always!