For those with flexible minds!

These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Life is not meant to be a struggle! It is meant to be a JOYOUS experience! If you want things to change, people to change, situations to change you must begin with YOU! Watch your thoughts for they create your reality! If you think one good thought and 100 more negative ones, which one do you think will become part of your reality? It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand this, for it is the ONLY way you will get to a better feeling place!
Start your day with beautiful beliefs that love and support you! Know that all is always well, and that at any moment you can change the course of things! LET GO of resistance for it WILL hold you back from experiencing joy, if joy is what you want to feel and experience!

BE GRATEFUL! Focus on the things that DO work in your life! Give thanks for all that you have, and the more you focus on the good, the more good you will find in your life! Every aspect of ourselves in reflected in EVERYTHING around us! We may go to the same place, with the same people and we can have 2 completely different experiences because we are vibrating differently therefore everything around us can be the same, but the experience will be different!
What you give out is what you get back!

What is it that you would like to receive? Are you portraying in yourself those same things you want? Or are you portraying what you DO NOT want? PAY ATTENTION! EVERYTHING COUNTS! Every thought, every conversation, every statement you make, everything you listen to and watch! It all counts whether you are conscious of it or not!
Ask yourself; what do happy people do? What makes them happy? What can I do to create my own happiness? When you ask, it is ALWAYS given! So put your guard down and GIVE IT UP to the POWERFUL universe and all its teachers, guides, and angelics! If you believe it is ONLY you that is in control...well I can tell you, WE ARE NEVER ALONE and we are ALWAYS helped...we must learn TO ASK! Let GO OF RESISTANCE for it will hold you back in more ways than you know!!!
So with the beginning of a new week, I urge you to believe in happiness and that you can have a day, a week filled with new joyous experiences! Believe that you are entitled to have all that it is you desire!!!

I love you and wish you the courage to BELIEVE!!!

Love and Light ALWAYS!