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Monday, March 9, 2009

Letting Go!

I realize more each day the importance of 'letting go'.
Many of us are way too hard on ourselves and forget that all is perfect in this very moment!
It is difficult to 'trust' or have some sort of 'faith' in today's world, where we feel WE control everything!
We do, however it is with our minds and emotions that we help 'control' what happens in our lives! We must trust in ourselves first, keep our thoughts pleasant and kind, and be GENTLE with ourselves. Perfection is a state of mind. What is perfect for you may not be perfect for the next person.

When we clean up our minds and stop blaming ourselves, or stop choosing to put on our victim costumes, we can truly LIVE!
Life is in every moment, but how many moments are we choosing to live in? Are we stuck somewhere in the past? Are we too concerned with what happens next? What about choosing to LET GO and ALLOW life to unfold itself?

Our only 'job' is to vibrate in joy! If we remain in a joyous state in our mind, then that is reflected in our thinking and our emotions, therefore everything that surrounds us also vibrates in joy!
Sounds too good to be true? I guess it can if this isn't your belief. Let me ask you: have you ever given it a try? Do you think by letting go and not trying to figure things out yourself you are being weak or irresponsible? Is it because you were raised to believe the 'right' way to do things is to be logical?
By logical, I do not mean to be foolish, irresponsible, unkind, or irrational. Rather, there is human responsibility, humanity, and respect for the planet and how we live, BUT DO NOT forget that you are part of something much bigger! You are a soul in a human body!
Respect your surroundings; go to your job, pay your bills, be kind and give love, take care of your body, your neighbors, friends and family, water your get the point...HOWEVER , respect your soul! For what you have inside of your physical form is VERY IMPORTANT!!! IT IS WHO YOU ARE!!!

The time has come for us to WAKE UP! The time is now! So start living your life to the fullest! Start believing in yourself and that EVERYTHING WILL ALWAYS BE OKAY!!!

I love you and wish you strength to see the truth that lives inside of you!

Luv and light always!