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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Perfection is something we must "let go" of and believe in at the same time.

Believing that everything is perfect as it is- by accepting things 'as they are' we release resistance, there for "letting go".

We can then help CREATE the perfection in our lives. Things manifest with our belief to it, whether it already exists or not. We can envision what we want, keep our thoughts towards these things positive and limitless. Only then can we welcome them into our lives.
Perfection can keep us 'stuck' or it can help us grow. This is up to us.
Envisioning what it is we want, in all its perfection, and feeling DESERVING of it are the keys to achieving and ALLOWING it to come easily and effortlessly.
When we hang on to things too tightly, we are coming from an uneasy place, perhaps one of fear. However when we can BELIEVE in it, and already feel gratitude toward it-even BEFORE it arrives into our reality- we release ALL resistance and it arrives A LOT quicker!

Believe in your dreams and they will believe in you!

Live life to the FULLEST and let go of limitations!

Know that your life is perfect, as it is in this very moment.
It is meant to be this way! You can perfectionize it as you want at any moment, but know that your life is ALWAYS on the right path. We need all our experiences to help us grow and move us toward our next step. You can not be the person that you are today without the experiences you have already passed!

Go with love and joy in your heart and face life with gratitude! After all you are alive and well!

All is well in my world!

Love and Light ALWAYS!!!