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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resolutions for Spring!

Why not? No need to wait for January! Make a list of goals and desires you would like to accomplish! Spring is THE perfect time! You can even jot down the things you promised yourself you were going to do 'for the new year' because we still are in the new year!
Clean up 'old guck'! Get rid of things you do not need or use! Toss away the clutter, donate them-there are those who DO need and WILL use what is taking up space in your home! Keep a clean, organized home and work space for it is a reflection of what is going on inside of you! Clean and organized around you means clean and organized inside you:)

BE GENTLE! Do not do too much for it will become a chore, instead write it all down and cross off as you go along. Even if it takes months to accomplish, the point is you are accomplishing them, and nothing feels better than accomplishing things you desire to accomplish!!!
Some things can take longer than others- your goals perhaps...DON'T GIVE UP! When you give up on our dreams, they give up on you:(
So believe in yourself, and remember just because you do not see the outcome you want yet, does NOT mean it isn't on its way! Give yourself some love and self confidence, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR HEART AND MIND TO!!!

You know when we slow down and quiet our busy minds, things really do become easier and much CLEARER! You have the choice to help create the life and life style you desire! You can leave it and not try to help create it and some people find this easier, however you can be missing out on SO MUCH!!! When you find TRUE happiness and it is INSIDE EACH AND EVERYONE OF US, our lives become more peaceful and pleasant, and things seem to slow down. When things slow down it becomes 'more fun' because you can actually enjoy life!

Make a choice.
You can scurry about in stress and chaos, or you can take a few minutes each day to give thanks for all you have, go within and feel that light inside of you, connect with that light, and then in that moment, envision the beauty you choose to have in your daily life. VOILA!!! You have magic! You now enter a whole NEW world! Welcome to HAPPINESS!
When you carry happiness around inside of you, happiness is what you will find everywhere you go! Like attracts LIKE! It is as simple as that!!!

Enjoy your life!
Organize yourself and what's around you! Choose to start living in the present moment!
Life is here FOR us!

Love and Light ALWAYS!