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Friday, March 13, 2009


Don't wait. We are here NOW. Yesterday is over and done and today is a new day filled with new experiences! Anticipate a GREAT day filled with beautiful people and things!
Right now think about five things you are grateful for. Throughout your day find more things you are grateful for. Gratitude will keep beautiful things coming, ALWAYS! It is like saying to the universe, "more of this please!" Catch your thoughts, make sure they are always working FOR you and not against you! Remember you will get 'more' of what you ask for and asking is in our thinking!
Create a world you love to live in by giving thanks for the things you have! Make sure you wear a smile:) Catch yourself when you're not and flip that frown upside down! We help create our own happiness. Be willing to take responsibility for your life and make choices that support the life you DO want! Each and every one of us is entitled to a joyous life- it is a choice we make.

In today's world we have so very much to be thankful for, and it can be easy to forget the beautiful things that we DO have because we have so much of it, so don't be a spoiled brat and remember to say thank you! The more gifts you give thanks for, the more you will get!
It is like giving someone a gift- when they do not say thank you, you may give them another gift and another, when they do not thank you, you may stop giving them gifts right?

So let us be grateful souls and help open the doors to more beauty and abundance in our lives!
Remember you are here today, that is the gift of LIFE and there is no gift more precious!

I give thanks for all that I have!
I am grateful to be alive and well!
I give thanks for my ability to hear, see, speak, walk, touch, smell, and taste!
I thank you for the beautiful people that surround me!
I give thanks for the job I have, for the home I live in, and for my friends and family!
And in this NEW day, I give thanks for the gift of life!

Luv, Light, Smiles, and Love ALWAYS!!!