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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I remember my days of anxiety and frustrations. It seems it was a life time ago! Funny how when we begin on our path of healing things happen so rapidly!
It all began with my choosing to be 'fed up' with my life and finally surrendering!
Surrendering isn't a weakness, actually it is a sign of strength and courage! It is much easier to follow then it is to stand tall and be your own person!
People are sometimes too insecure to choose for themselves. We walk around with our aliments, and dis-eases not doing anything about them other than accepting them and telling people and sometimes going into our own self pity. I KNOW it sounds harsh, but the truth usually does- yet it is THE VERY FIRST STEP to healing!

If something is physically "wrong" it is usually your dearest and closet friend (your body) that is trying to help you. Your friend is merely trying to tell you where the problem lives...somewhere in your thinking, in your belief system, something isn't good for you. Whatever we think about has a reaction. Stress is a common word today yet, some little time ago it was a word no one ever really used! When you are in a happy state of life, we feel good and nothing is more important than FEELING GOOD!
Listen to most people today when you say, "hello, how are you?" How many use words like FANTASTIC, or WONDERFUL, or SUPER or AMAZING? I know I do and you CAN too!
See, everything is a choice! CHOOSING to say, "I'm doing fantastic! How are you?" isn't the norm but YOU can say it! Regardless if you believe it in that moment or not, you can begin to say it each and every time till eventually IT WILL BECOME TRUE FOR YOU! If you believe it, it will believe in you. If you say it often enough, it will come true for you!
Now you will ask,"is that really true? Does that really work?"
Well lovely people who are reading this message let me ask you...HAVE YOU EVER TRIED IT? Why not? So go ahead and put this statement to the test, try me and my beliefs and then you can see for yourself that when you believe that you are doing fantastic each and every time some one asks you(that means e-mails and all) and you can tell yourself through out the day "I feel fantastic"...well, try it and see!
This is what I mean when I say that we are lazy. We want, we want, we want, yet when we are told how to achieve it we kind of just brush it off?!

As I mentioned to a friend yesterday; She told me she HAS to lose weight. She proceeded to say, " I HAVE to lose weight"......
Okay what is wrong here...I will tell you: wanting and stating it as she wants it to be are two COMPLETELY different expressions, therefore attracting two COMPLETELY different reactions! Here is what I mean:
I WANT to lose weight. INSTEAD: I am so glad that I am now losing weight!
I HAVE to lose weight: (take it a step further) I am so glad I am continuing to lose weight BECAUSE my clothes now fit better, I can move easier, I feel lighter and more free!
Do you see the difference? One will keep you in a state of WANTING while the other will get you WHAT YOU WANT!!!

USE THE SIMPLE TOOLS YOU OWN THAT LIVE INSIDE OF YOU! When you do not use them, you are the only one missing out!

Love and Light and Courage ALWAYS!!!