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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

See The Signs!

When things don't work out as you thought they would. When things take a different turn, instead of getting frustrated take a deeper look at it. Most of the time when we can see it as life working for us and delivering what it is we want, we find that it actually works in our favor! This universe has beautiful, immense powers that surround us inside and out AT ALL TIMES so don't try to control things. Rather, take them lightly, in stride and I promise you, you will see the miracle of the universe working its magic!
Our "job" is to focus on what it is we WANT. That's it! The universe takes care of the how, where, who, and when. We must know that we are deserving, and let go of trying to control and figure everything out.
You are being guided.
You always have been and always will be.
You can resist as much as you like, however it will keep you feeling frustrated and stressed.
Is it difficult to let go of resistance? No, it is easy. Start with reminding yourself that there is a higher power that you are completely connected to that drives you in the right direction. This means LET IT GO! Just allow things to flow and ALWAYS listen to your gut, for it is ALWAYS right!
When we awaken our souls, and choose to really see that we are a vibration that gives off energy, we can begin to understand that what we give out we get back!!! This is why I have said and continue to say, watch your thoughts. Your thoughts become your feelings, and your feelings become your reality! This reality is the energy your vibrating. So I will say again, what you are vibrating is what you will get!
Look within you.
Look around you.
Ask yourself, "Am I truly happy? What is it that I want in my life?"
Be HONEST with yourself, and get rid of limitations! Limitations are created by YOU and ONLY YOU! If you believe in limitations than they will become VERY REAL!
Dedicate some quiet time for yourself so that you may hear the answers to the questions you keep asking. Because when we ask, the answers ALWAYS come. However these answers don't come in some screaming voice that can be heard over the noise of your television, phone conversations, or radio. Your answers come softly, lovingly, in your own voice as a thought. You will know it is the answer because your feeling (gut) will tell you. You will feel happy, it will feel "right"!!! So stop looking outside of yourself, and praying in desperation!
Go within.
Feel your breath.
Give thanks for your life.

Congratulations on having read this blog! Your soul is happy you have attained this information. If you keep these words alive in your mind, you will find it easier to move forward toward the things you desire:)

All Is Well and Always Will Be!

Luv and light!