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Monday, March 16, 2009

We Are All Here TOGETHER!!!

We are not separate from anything or anyone. We are ALL connected. Everything is connected to everything! Nothing is unloved, nothing goes unnoticed, nothing is untouched. YES! We are individuals, however we are all the same and connected in many ways! Everything is effected by our energy even the weather! Traffic is also a reflection of our energies! Our relationships are also reflections of our energy. EVERYTHING vibrates! When you know this you can choose to have things like traffic work in your favor.

We are all part of a bigger plan. The universe is very much real and the earth is very much real, so how is it that most humans feel it is up to them to figure everything out? If we are part of the same power that creates the moon, stars, sky, animals, sun, planets etc. how can we possibly believe we have to 'do it all on our own?' This is us being untrue to ourselves! Search deeper! Look and listen! Pay attention! Why are you here? What is the direction you need to take? Ask yourself these questions and make time to hear the answers!

Life is what you make of it! What you put in, you get. Simple and true.

So how will you make today an amazing day? What can you change in your thinking to get amazing results throughout the day? If you believe in miracles, then they believe in you!
Try and vibrate positively so that you may help everyone around you to have a fantastic day as well:)

I love and approve of myself.
I see myself and everyone around me with eyes of love.
I now know I am worthy of love!

Go about your day remembering that your energy effects everyone and everything!

Luv and Light!