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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are all part of a bigger plan!

We are all connected. It is important to remember this! We can not point the finger at others, we can not gossip about others because they are all part of us. We must give out that which we wish to receive. Love people, smile at them, and perhaps give them a reason to smile.
We all want love. To be loved, to be in love, however we must realise that it all begins with ourselves! Self love is where it all begins. I am not referring to ego, vanity, or pride. Rather acceptance of ourselves, as we are in this very moment! When we love and approve of ourselves, we open new doors to life!
We are all different and meant to be that way! If this weren't true wouldn't we all look the same?
Individuality is beautiful!
We can learn and be inspired from others. When we try to look like 'everyone else' and think and act like everyone else, we are putting our souls to sleep! Each and everyone of us are beautiful in our very own way! This in itself is beautiful!
Open your eyes and take a good look around. Life is constantly creating more beauty for you to enjoy! It is up to us to be awake enough to see it! We aren't here to stress, be frustrated, work, and pay our bills! We are here to be part of the beauty that surrounds us, and enjoy our every moment with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces! The truth lives within you! Stop looking outward for answers and salvation! We are all here with purpose, and we are ALL part of a much bigger plan! Remember this, for it is your truth!

Now go about your day with joy, and awaken your spirit so you don't miss out on the many mini miracles that are part of your true reality!

Luv and Light Always!!!