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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Are You Waiting For?

You must take care of yourself! You must fill yourself with love:) It is the ONLY thing that will help you get through your days joyously and easily! No other person can do this for you. Some can help and give you the great guidance you need, however only you can take that and apply it to your life. Everything takes some work. You must have the will to want to do it!

We all want our days to be happy ones that we can enjoy. It is like wanting a better body, you can want it but unless you DO something about it DAILY you will always have the same result. With EVERYTHING including wanting a better body, takes some time and LOVE! Choosing to love ourselves and knowing that we deserve good are the first steps towards achieving ANY goal!!!

Wake up! There are signs in your daily life that will tell you if you are 'doing' it right. If things are not flowing beautifully, if you do not feel 100%, it is a clear sign you need to work on something. Only you know what this 'something' is. There may be many things, but we need to be gentle with ourselves, so one thing at a time. Be kind. Be loving. Be gentle, but most of all strive to vibrate from happiness! Make a conscious effort to be happy. The most important thing is to vibrate from happiness because it is from this point that we can see our lives become more and more joyous and enjoyable!

We are meant to live a happy, healthy, enjoyable life! If your life is not this way, it is clearly the choices you make. Do you take time to listen to your thoughts and emotions? If you want to change things you must first listen and pay attention so that you can distinguish what it is you are attracting in your life! If you do not listen, you will not know what it is you need to change and things will remain as they are. The freedom of choice is ALWAYS yours! You must decide for yourself because the world will go on and will always be available to you, but without your 'choosing' you will always find chaos and stress.

So what is it going to be for you? The decision is yours, the will to achieve it is yours...there is a world available to you...what are you waiting for?!

I choose to love and enjoy myself!
I listen to my body's messages!
I am here to live a joyous, happy life and I now affirm that I AM A HAPPY, HEALTHY PERSON!

Luv and Light Always!