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Monday, March 2, 2009

Your Life Is Happening RIGHT NOW!

Live your life as YOU want to live it. Stop worrying about other people's opinions. You will never be fully content unless you allow yourself to fully live! Worrying of what others might think is a waste of good energy.
I agree in life you must be polite, kind, understanding, and considerate of others. However when you find yourself somewhat held back because of other people's beliefs, well, that would be a good time to give your self a push and remind yourself that this is YOUR life. They have theirs to live, so focus on yours.
We are well taken care of on this planet, and the more you believe that, the more it will become true in your every day life. Our words and emotions create our reality. They always have. They always will. Until you understand that, you will continue on this journey feeling helpless and victimised.
I decided I wasn't going to wear my victim costume any more. I have too much I can do with my beautiful time here on earth. I am going to use up my days, hours, minutes consciously aware that I am very much ALIVE! You are given the gift of life! Realise how precious that is! Do not waste it on meaningless things!
Give thanks regularly for all you have, and await the new with high expectation! When you acknowledge that you are worthy and deserving, life responds to that!

I now go about my day giving thanks for all that I have, and going forth toward my dreams, for I know this is MY life and I lovingly help create my beautiful reality!

Luv, Light, and Life!