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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hopefully you understand the energy or vibration one give out determines what he or she gets back in return. Everything on our planet works with energy/vibration. Money is not an exception! Money, like everything else works with energy/vibration therefore if you believe money to be limited, it will be. If you believe money to be abundant, it will be. What ever vibration you give to it, it will give back to you.
Money is usually exchanged between two people or sources. There is one who gives and one who receives. Between two people, the one receiving is most likely to have a better feeling energy/vibration than the one giving which is why it is important to feel joyful and happy when you spend money, this will keep your energy waves open and positive. Each of us has a personal relationship with money. What is yours? What are you beliefs about money? Do you believe that you can only make so much or do you believe there are means to achieve more? Do you believe you must work very hard to achieve money? Do you believe it is only for others and not for you? Do you believe what your parents believe about money? Were you raised in an environment where money was seen as something you constantly struggle with? Do you believe you deserve an abundance of money? Do you believe that the universe will bring you the means to make money just by allowing it to guide you or does this sound too good to be true? If it does sound too good to be true then guess what- it will remain too good to be true and will remain far from your reach! Anything you give your belief to will come true! When we focus and remain focused on what we want, we get it! Whether or not you are living the life that you desire right now, remember that you are the one helping to create your reality including your relationship and beliefs about money and that you hold the power to change it at any time! Happiness, success, joy, peacefulness and even financial abundance begins with us, our beliefs and thoughts contribute and create a result. If you don't like the present result start changing your thoughts and beliefs. Many people struggle with money because we are constantly being told how difficult it is to attain, we watch news and television game shows that make receiving money seem challenging or impossible. I love how some shows announce how you can win "a quarter of a million dollars" sounds better than saying "250,000" when you include the word million it has more of a WOW factor right? Don't get pulled in to the idea that money is hard to attain, hard to make and that money is scarce! You can have an abundance of cash flow! Just like choosing to be happy involves us to choose happiness and focus our thoughts on happier things, we can focus on better feeling thoughts about money and help attract more of it into our lives. Everything is consciousness, everything gets created by your belief to it. Believe in lack and you will find preciously that, Believe in abundance and you will find preciously that. 
Learn what kind of a relationship you have with money, find out what sort of blue prints you have in your mind about money. See what your thoughts and feelings are about money and adjust them to create what it is you DO want. I know this one is a toughie but believe me your consciousness is where creation begins so adjust your thinking, change your reality!
Abundance is readily available, always. Question is, are you willing to do your inner work in order to attract it? As always, the choice is yours.

Luv and Light,
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