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Monday, November 7, 2011

Share The Good Stuff Instead!

It seems these days it is easier to have a conversation with people if we complain. When we smile and talk about how good life is, people can look at us a little funny. Yup, its happened to me many times.

Why do some choose to be stuck in unhappiness? People will talk about how stressful their life is, or how bad the economy is, or ask you if you've seen that horrific story on the news...what is with these conversations anyway? Why do people choose to waste energy talking about negative things? It is so much more fun to smile and share in the good things about life! Life is an experience. An experience that we greatly contribute to! The more we focus on the bad, the more bad will find us, however it works the same way with the good stuff! When we focus on and give thanks for all that we have, it shifts us and brings us up a level. It is up-lifting and pleasant! By being grateful we remember how fortunate we are! We are given great gifts daily and sometimes we can forget these great gifts and it is only in a time of need that we realize how good we had it!

I remember years ago breaking 2 bones in my foot. I had never actually given thanks for my feet. I had never before been grateful until I realized how difficult it was not being able to use my foot! Now I know not to wait, rather give thanks and appreciate all that I have right now! Every day that we wake up is another great gift. Another day given to us to experience this beautiful life! What a wonderful gift indeed! Try your best not to feed into other people's negative conversations. Instead add a few positive words, and most of the time this helps shift not only the conversation but the person's energy as well!
Help someone see the sunlight and share the good stuff instead!

Luv and Light,
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