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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Filling The Void!

Are you excited about life? Is there a part of you that longs for more?

More of what?

We tend to try and fill a void with superficial things or temporary things. In the time that we temporarily fill that void we feel AMAZING and soon after we crash!
The void you feel is your soul longing to be fulfilled and I have learned that when you fulfill your soul, you never crash!
How do you fulfill your soul?
You must CHOOSE to make time to listen to your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Your soul IS the MOST important part of you and you must take time to connect with who you truly are! And with this comes TOTAL fulfilment!
Why do some find it so challenging to take some quiet time and reconnect with themselves? Why do some choose to live in a busy noisy world and choose to not "have enough time" to go within?
Are they afraid?
Maybe they find it easier to just do as they have always done?!

Taking the time to be with your true self ( your soul) is like anything else; learning to swim, riding a bike, cooking, working out, at first it seems new and unfamiliar, however after a few tries it gets easier and then it becomes FUN!!!
Reconnecting with your soul is SO AMAZING and undoubtably fun you will soon wonder why you didn't choose to do it sooner!
All of a sudden, life becomes simpler and a lot more fun to live! You will never again have a void to fill! Rather you will ENJOY the things you buy, the people you spend your time with, the conversations you have, even standing in line at the bank will never again be the same! You see, when we are truly fulfilled no matter where we are or what we are doing we are ALWAYS feeling great! You will benefit SO MUCH with just a few minutes a day dedicated to you!

Life is really not meant to be a long hard struggle and I am giving you the know-how to open that door to joy! The door is there and has always been there and will always be there, but it needs your quiet time to be opened! Behind this door are the things you have always wanted and have asked for! Your gifts await you! Are you ready to allow them in? Are you ready to greet yourself with great joy?
I urge you to go within, forgive yourself of past hurts, and breath into your beautiful being and help uncover a magical, powerful universe that lives in your quietness!

I am a loving soul!
I am perfect as I am here and now!
I love myself and now choose to go within and be with my soul, together as one!
I now allow only good into my experiences!
All that I need to know is revealed to me each moment easily and effortlessly!
I now choose to live each moment with joy and happiness in my heart!

Luv and Light Always!!!