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These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Thoughts!!!

No person, place, or experience has any power over you, unless you allow it! You control the things around you, this is because you help attract them with your thoughts and emotions! When our state of mind is one of peace, harmony, abundance, kindness, and love then that is what we attract! What you give out you get back! However in the same way, when your mind is in a state of panic, anxiety, stress, aggravation and tension then that is what you get back!

So keep your mind clear so that you may be aware of what is happening in there! Are your thoughts helping you? Are they working for you? YOU CONTROL YOUR THINKING!!! The more stressful anxiety filled "things" you expose yourself to, the more your state of mind becomes exactly those things!

As children we feel free because our thinking is focused more on joyous happy thoughts! I'm saying to you: choose NOT to stress and become child like again- YES as adults we have more responsibility; notice how I CHOOSE to say 'more' as apposed to 'a lot' because the words we CHOOSE can be soft and loving or overwhelming and stressful! But regardless of what responsibilities you have, you can ALLOW yourself to see your responsibilities as pleasant and joyful!!! It is in your choosing of words and thoughts that you use to describe your responsibilities (and everything else) that will make the difference!

Every thought you think is helping create your reality! Choose peaceful, loving, kind thoughts and you will create a world you LOVE living in!!!
What others do is NOT important! FOCUS ON YOU and YOUR vibration, this will then effect others to react to YOUR vibration and in turn helping them live a happy, loving, kind life!

We are all here as one, we are all part of each other, we are all from the same source and made up of the same things! Remember this so you may treat others lovingly and sometimes it takes a little patience on your part but again you will be helping others and that is an amazing feeling!!!
Luv and light eternally!!!