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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life can always be as beautiful as we choose it to be!

We live on the same soil but we can dance to a different beat! It is our choice! Everything you think about, everything you do effects everyone and everything around you! These are the powers that we carry inside each one of us! Whether you are aware of this or not, it is the truth! So the next time you find yourself wallowing in your stress or sadness, remember that the world can benefit from your smiles and joyous feelings! YOU COUNT! What you say and do, feel and think COUNTS!!!
Why not put the "wasted" energy you use to think and feel stressful and anxious towards thoughts that work FOR you, that bring you closer to the things you DO want!!!
You need to take action! When you running around "doing things" or "getting thing done" you are not enjoying your life for you are not letting it flow! You are not letting life unfold easily and effortlessly the way it is meant to! It isn't about "getting it done!" It is always the journey that counts!!! Learn to live in the moment! Each moment! I promise that when you surrender and let go of trying to control everything in your life YOU WILL be peaceful, excited, and well taken care of! You will never know if you don't try. But again...the choice is yours!

Luv and Light always!