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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Live In The Moment!!!

Positive beliefs brings positive outcomes! If your life or certain aspects of your life are not as you desire them to be, then you must see what it is you are doing to bring these experiences forth!
As humans we can sometimes get stuck in the past. We refuse to accept that past is PAST!
What thoughts do you keep that are from the past that no longer serve you? Can you accept that each moment is a NEW moment? That at ANY time you can choose to CHANGE ANYTHING from your experiences?
When we believe every moment is a NEW one, we can move forward, free from the previous moment. The longer you keep an old feeling or thought active by repetitive thinking or talking about it, the longer it will remain active! It all stems from you and your thinking!!!

Keep your thoughts powerful and positive and please choose to live each moment in the present! You're the only one who can make this choice and change! You've spent too much time in the past! It is now time to move into the present! Start ENJOYING your life!

Luv and Light eternally!